Why should I use a DJ instead of a live band?

Reliability – A Disc Jockey has fewer personnel to rely on to show up and provide an optimum performance.
Variety – The larger the guest list, the more variety in music is needed. We have a larger music library than any band could ever play.
Dancing – People like to dance to music they are familiar with. First Class Entertainment plays the original versions of your favorite music.
Continuous Music – First Class Entertainment doesn’t take a break. The music only stops playing at times you specify (such as toasts and speeches).
Cost – Fewer personnel at your function can mean a lower cost. First Class Entertainment will provide your favorite music at a reasonable rate.
Sound – A disc jockey can tailor the sound level much easier than a live band can. First Class Entertainment will reduce the volume during cocktails and meals to allow your guests to converse comfortably; music will typically be played somewhat louder during dancing, but this is totally at your discretion.
Participation – A disc jockey tends to offer more audience participation than bands. First Class Entertainment will encourage active participation by all of your guests.
Light Show – A disc jockey includes effects lighting. First Class Entertainment can provide an array of effects lighting at an extra cost.

Will I receive a written contract?

Yes. Every client that hires First Class Entertainment to perform at their function will receive a written contract that details all the information pertaining to the event. If a DJ will not give you a written contract, then you are best to look elsewhere. A contract protects both parties. Always get a contract.

Is the price of the DJ a good value?

The cheapest DJ is rarely the best value. You are choosing the person who will share the spotlight with your guest of honor and help set the tone for your entire function and the enjoyment of your guests. Why try to save a few dollars only to be disappointed with a less than professional performance? Months after your function, will your guests be talking about how good the food was, or that an inexperienced bargain DJ ruined the party? First Class Entertainment has pricing that is reasonable and comparable to the elite companies in the market.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or email. I will gladly answer any other questions that you may have.

First Class Entertainment (Dan Glatts)

email at dan@fcedj.com



What if First Class Entertainment is already booked for my date?

One of the advantages about booking First Class Entertainment is that you deal directly with the owner (Dan Glatts) from your initial enquiry. For clients that wish to engage my services for a date that is already booked, I am able to assist by providing other entertainers employed by First Class Entertainment. These individuals are a select few that I trust and rely on to deliver the same type of professionalism and talent.

How will the DJ dress?

Unless requested differently by clients, the disc jockey will dress in a professional manner. The DJ dress code can be specifically selected by you when booking the event. DJ’s will wear a suit or tuxedo to all Formal affairs.

Will you be setting up while our guests are present?

NO!!! First Class Entertainment always schedules to arrive approximately an hour earlier than the agreed start time of the event. This allows ample time to be completely set-up, a sound check to be carried out and elimination of any potential problems prior to arrival of your guest.


Your Event

What music will be played at my function?

First Class Entertainment plays music with tremendous mass appeal, as well as requests made by you and your guests. You may specify musical requests and styles you feel is appropriate or inappropriate for your function. The DJ will use this information along with their professional judgment to select and mix the music.

What if I request music that FCE does not own?

First Class Entertainment has a massive music library. However, if you give advanced notice of requests the DJ will make every effort to obtain it prior to the event. Music can also be brought to the event on a CD or iPod to be played through the sound system. Advanced notice is appreciated.

Does the DJ get involved or interact with the guests?

This is up to you. First Class Entertainment can be as interactive as you would like. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor the performance to suit your needs.



What type of party experience does your DJ have?

Many mobile DJ’s mix records, CD’s, or just push buttons on a Laptop. However, many do not entertain. The best DJ’s are in fact “Entertainers” with great personality, stage presence and interactive participation designed to involve your guests and generate a fun vibe. That is what you receive when you hire First Class Entertainment. FCE has the background to entertain diverse age groups and has the professional knowledge to blend the music your group likes most, no matter what the occasion. Do Not Hire a “Push-Play DJ.”

Do you display any banners or other advertisements?

Absolutely not. First Class Entertainment prides itself on being elegant. Therefore, no banners, logos, or signs will be displayed on any of the equipment or elsewhere in the function room. Should any of your guests wish to request a business card for future reference, one will be discreetly provided to them on their request.

What type of audio and lighting equipment will be used?

First Class Entertainment uses only high grade professional sound and lighting equipment. Inferior equipment, often homemade, used by some dj operators in an effort to cut costs, can result in inadequate operation, distortion and generally poor sound or poor projection.