If ever a day of your life deserves the finest entertainment, this is it! Our 18 years of experience and hundreds of successful weddings pledges that your reception will be perfect. This is your day in your way. We customize the music to fit your tastes, your guests, and the mood of the event.
With a professional sound system, a large music collection and personal attention to your requirements, First Class Entertainment will make your party the success it should be. The DJ will MC the event, involve guests in participative dancing, coordinate special events like speeches, cake-cutting, special announcements, and communicate the affair with any other party professionals involved (i.e. caterer, photographer, videographer, wedding planner, etc.) to ensure that your event runs smoothly.
The goal of FCE is to constantly read the crowd, program appropriate music, and initiate guest involvement that will create and maintain a FUN party atmosphere, while assuring that the guest of honor remains the focus of attention. Please contact First Class Entertainment (Dan Glatts) to discuss any details about your event.



Wedding Ceremony
1. Background music
2. Seating of the parents/guardians
3. Processional: Wedding Party, Bride Walks down the Aisle with escort
4. Vows, Unity Candles, Vocalists
5. Recessional of Bride and Groom, wedding party, family, guests.



First Class Entertainment understands that every wedding reception is unique, just like you are. We also understand the importance that music plays in the celebration of this magical event and how a professional DJ can enhance all of its special moments. From our very first conversation, you can expect that First Class Entertainment will listen to what you desire, offer suggestions, and aim to ensure the success of “your” wedding day.
On the day of the wedding, the audio and/or lighting system will be set up before the agreed start time. Everything will look great and be operating when your guests arrive. The DJ will be dressed professionally and make every effort to communicate with other professionals at the event such as photographers, videographers, caterers, etc. so that you may relax and enjoy your family and friends.
Events such as the grand entry, toasts, speeches, cutting of the cake, bouquet/garter toss will be professionally announced. During your celebration, the DJ will interact with the guests to get them on the dance floor. And whether the dance mix is thumping, swinging or slowly swaying, the bride and groom will remain the focus of attention.
When you choose First Class Entertainment for your wedding reception, feel confident in knowing that you have employed an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly DJ that works hard and has fun.

Wedding Reception
1. Cocktail Hour then seating of guests
2. Arrival and announcements of the Wedding Party
3. Bride and Groom Dances, Blessing and Toasts
4. Introduction of Disc Jockey and welcome to guests.
5. Meal Is Served-background Music- (Centerpiece Giveaway?)
6. Father/Daughter-Mother/Son Dance-Wedding Party other formal dances?
7. The Guests party and dance
8. Bouquet-Garter event and Cake Cutting
9. Let’s party
10. Final Dance, Goodbyes

Wedding Picture